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Case Study

Labels that Last a Product’s Lifetime 

Keywords: custom labels, high quality labelsModified description: A building with a white and blue radio tower featuring high quality custom labels.

UV resistant durable labels

System Label solved the company’s issue by using outdoor grade digital print technology, coupled with a UV resistant protective over-laminate giving a minimum 5-year outdoor life span. This type of solution goes above and beyond the requirements and exceeds the customer’s expectations. We used a high-tack adhesive to support improved adhesion across a wider cross section of application surfaces, further increasing the outdoor lifespan of the labels. 

UV resistant durable labels 

1 label for 1 product 

By adopting a more durable production specification, the customer now only needs to apply one label for the life of the product. Before System Label got involved, it was necessary to replace the labels on a regular basis as they deteriorated. This added to the overall cost of the product and incurred additional labor time to both remove and replace the decal. 

Long-term focus 

Working directly with Air Spectrum, we explored long-term solutions and benefits by focusing on its overall business goals, rather than low cost labels for the short term. The solutions provided offered ongoing and long-term cost savings, through the one-time application of labels, instead of multiple replacements as labels deteriorate over a short period of time. 

“We are extremely happy with the solution provided by System Label. Having previously believed fading over time was an inherent drawback of printed labels when used outdoors, we were over the moon to be offered a label that withstood fading in the sun. It has meant our products look better for longer and our reputation as a quality manufacturer is visibly reinforced. Our production staff in particular were even more pleased when we told them they would no longer have to remove and replace labels!”

Matt Edmonds, Operations and Engineering Manager

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Keywords: custom labels, high quality labelsModified description: A building with a white and blue radio tower featuring high quality custom labels.

UV Resistant Durable Labels That Last a Products Lifetime

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