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A person is connecting a cable to a wall using high quality labels.

Electronics & Instrumentation 

A close up of various electronic components on a board with high quality labels.

Electronics & Instrumentation Industry Expertise

We work closely with clients to design labelling solutions to meet the challenging requirements within the electronics industry. 

System Label is the chosen label supplier by companies in the electronics industry because of our high quality, competitively priced products that are supplied on time with added value and a personalised service. 

System Label is primly positioned to provide for the electronics industry as it is a UL approved manufacturing facility, approved to PGAA (UL Authorised Label Supplier No. PGAA.LP3363) and PGDQ2 (No. PGDQ2.MH25574). This approval means that our products meet the highest safety and quality standards and allow System Label to print the UL/CSA logo as well as assist clients with getting UL approval for many of the Labels, Decals, Overlays and Membranes which System Label manufacture. As we also look after customer’s requirements for CE printed labels, chemical resistant labels, heat resistant labels and a wide range of other labels, System Label is uniquely positioned to be an electronics company’s complete label solutions supplier. 

System Label work closely with customers in the electronics industry ensuring quality of product and supply in both automated and manual applications. From membrane switch manufacture to circuit board applications, System Label has been at the forefront of manufacture and supply for decades. Our specialist design team work closely with customers and help design labelling solutions to meet the challenging requirements within the electronics industry. 

Attention to detail is especially important in the electronics industry and through the use of silk screen printing, flexo printing and digital printing, System Label ensure quality throughout as each process is cross checked and a final inspection is carried out on all orders before shipment.

Driving Excellence

Technology Innovation

System Label is recognised as an industry leader in the technological design and manufacture of high-quality, durable, and cost-effective industrial use labels.

Real World Results

Featured case studies

We offer personalised service and durable, long-lasting products. Check out some of our previous work and satisfied customers here.

A new holland tractor in a field with high quality labels on the trailer.

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A person using a small electronic device with high quality labels.

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Three custom QR code labels on a white surface.

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A laptop covered in high quality medical labels.

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UV Resistant Durable Labels That Last a Products Lifetime

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A person is working on a piece of electronic equipment, applying custom medical labels.