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A close up of a printed circuit board with custom label solutions.

Membrane Keypads 

A high quality label with custom green and red stripes on a piece of paper.

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Membrane Keypads 

A membrane switch, also known as a keypad or keyboard is an effective way to create a man/machine interface with your end product whilst retaining all the benefits of a fully printed overlay.

Comprising of a printed circuit layer and a front overlay, the finished membrane is both functional and informative. Where environmental concerns are an issue, the sealed technology of the overlay make the membrane switch technology an excellent solution.


Thurlby Thandar Instruments (TTi)

Trevor Wooton – Purchasing Manager

“We have worked with System Label for many years and the team are always on hand to help with any new label projects. Their support and expertise in materials and adhesives to suit different applications is important for our business.”

Fluke Precision Measurement Ltd

Steve Gurton – Initial Purchaser

“Our long-standing relationship with System Label spans over 15+ years and their consistency to quality products, great customer service, and competitive pricing is why they remain a key part in our supply chain”.

Clear Channel UK

Mark Harrild – Procurement Specialist

“System Label have helped us to design a supply management system that works for our business. By implementing a call-off structure, whereby our labels are held in stock at their facility, it has allowed us to buy larger volumes and benefit from better unit prices. The speed from placing an order, to receiving the goods, is a matter of days. It has therefore given us the flexibility to react quickly to our customers’ demands. ”

Kingspan Energy & Water Ltd

Lisa Matthews – Material Planner / Buyer

“We have been working with System Label since 2017 and they provide us with a full label offering from vinyl labels to instruction manuals for our product range. The customer service team offer outstanding support and are always on hand to offer guidance through-out all stages. The distribution options presented recently have provided a clear view of the future, to include very attractive savings potential, and exceptional lead times.”

Quality You Can Rely On

Testament to our dedication, excellence and high standards

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A close up of a computer keyboard with high quality labels.

Meeting Customer’s Unique Specifications

All products are manufactured to meet each customer’s unique specifications and requirements.

System Label’s membrane switches are produced by our skilled operators and in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and UL Approval which ensures your membranes are fully functional and to the highest standard. All membrane switches are undergo 100% final test inspection to ensure error free operation and that the buttons last as long as the machine they control. 


We produce membranes using the same techniques as we use on our durable overlays and with sub-surface printing, the membrane will endure even the harshest treatment and cleaning. 


Each membrane can be produced to a specific design and layout giving greater flexibility in size, format, materials and finishes. Combined with a range of adhesives we can ensure it will easily adhere to your product.


In many applications System Label will emboss or hydroform the keys of a switch to meet customers’ requirements. “Pillow Embossing”, “Dome Emboss”, “Rail Embossing” or “Multi-Level Emboss” may be used depending on the finish the end membrane requires.

Simple Connections

Membranes can be completed with either bare connections or a Crimpflex® connector for a quick and easy connection to your PCB.

Tactile & Non-Tactile

The keys can be produced with either a tactile feedback which confirms activation when pressed, or with a non-tactile format for an absolutely flat finish for easy cleaning and maximum durability.


The membrane switch circuits can be produced in two formats, a common bus layout or using a matrix style format.

Are you looking for a complete solution to your labelling supply issue?

A close up of a custom electronic circuit board.