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Our Services

A machine is cutting a high quality piece of fabric in a factory.

Our Services

Our state of the art manufacturing facility comprises the most modern printing intelligence in the industry

The medical industry demands one of the highest standards of any industry and our customers rely on us as a supply partner to meet these high standards.

System Label’s printing processes include screen printing, flexography printing and digital printing. Depending on the material, volume and end use of the product, our experienced team will select the appropriate process to create the highest quality product.

Personalised Service

Tailored Service Solutions by Industry Experts

Stock Holding & Supply Management

System Label currently operates a number of different supply management and call-off systems for our customers.

All are designed around the customer’s usage and production requirements and are designed to help reduce/eliminate lead-time, while at all stages ensuring a cost effective and well-managed solution.

In addition to this we hold stocks of raw material to ensure that we can respond to any un-forecasted or abnormal demand that can arise. This facility gives us the ability to respond in an emergency situation, as we have proven in the past for our clients.

One of the main functions of our new software system is to assist in controlling the label supply for our customers, which in turn leads to a more cost effective and efficient solution to managing and supplying your requirements.

Inhouse Artwork & Design

Clients have full access to System Label’s graphics team to assist with the design of your labelling requirements.

System Label’s graphics department operates a number of software packages, but the main design package used is CorelDraw. We also operate a number of customer specific systems for the file transfer of artwork & drawings in order to speed up the process and enable the secure transfer of artwork files between companies.


We have a full digital suite which includes OCE, Roland, TEC and Encad digital printers for full colour low volume runs and fast turnaround requirements. In addition to this, our CAD plotters enable System Label to supply prototype samples without the extra cost of tooling and on low volume production runs it eliminates this cost completely.

Inspection, PPAP, ISIR and PSW

System Label provides the above documentation upon request to customers. System Label’s ability to provide this documentation demonstrates that we have developed the design and production process to meet the client’s requirements, minimising the risk of failure by effective use. In order to meet the high standards set by these guidelines ensures System Label’s quality systems are operating at the highest level.

  • ISIR Initial Sample Inspection Report
  • PSW Part Submission Warrant
  • PPAP Production Part Approval Process
UL Approved Labels

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a global independent safety science company who innovate safety solutions. From public adoption of electricity to new breakthroughs in sustainability, renewable energy and nanotechnology – UL is one of several companies approved by the US Federal Agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to perform safety testing.

System Label are UL approved to PGAA (UL Authorised Label Supplier No. PGAA.LP3363) and PGDQ2 (No. PGDQ2.MH25574) standards, which means that our products meet the highest safety and quality standards and we are authorised to print the UL/CSA logo and assist our clients with getting UL approval for many of the Labels, Decals, Overlays and Membranes we manufacture. If necessary, we can help you in submitting the combination you require for approval. This will guarantee that your labels have been tested to exacting standards, and that they will not be the cause of your product failing to meet safety and quality levels.

Bespoke Supply Solutions

We can produce virtually any label to meet any requirement. We understand choosing the correct label supplier is complicated. We simplify this process, through our expertise, delivery, superior quality and personalised service. Working with our customers from the initial design phase right through until the customer has the solution they require, we offer advanced testing of materials to guarantee lasting quality in the toughest environments.

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A machine is being used to print custom medical labels on a sheet of paper.

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