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A roll of aluminum foil with custom label solutions.

Thermal Transfer 

Four rolls of custom labeled colored ribbons.

Our Products

Thermal Transfer

Labels are at the core of our business therefore providing ribbons and printers was a natural progression in order to manage our customers complete labelling requirements.

Depending on the type of media you are printing on, System Label can supply a Resin, Wax based ribbon, or even a wax/resin ribbon for mid-range performance. System Label also supply a full range of TT Printers and support services to further extend the complete labelling solution. 

System Label offer full TT Printer machine maintenance and servicing across clients complete range of printers. Machine maintenance runs across your full range of printers on an annual basis and would include, full engineering support (model certified), unlimited call-out breakdown service, parts and labour (excluding heads), telephone support 7 days a week with direct access to the engineers.

Before System Label start a contract we would carry out a full on site survey and advise clients on how you can ensure longer life out of the print heads & machines, optimum machine settings. The cost of this is dependent on the amount and make/model of machines you have in use at present.

Trevor Wooton

Purchasing Manager at Thurlby Thandar Instruments (TTi)

“We have worked with System Label for many years and the team are always on hand to help with any new label projects. Their support and expertise in materials and adhesives to suit different applications is important for our business.”

Steve Gurton – Initial Purchaser

Fluke Precision Measurement Ltd

“Our long-standing relationship with System Label spans over 15+ years and their consistency to quality products, great customer service, and competitive pricing is why they remain a key part in our supply chain”.

Mark Harrild – Procurement Specialist

Clear Channel UK

“System Label have helped us to design a supply management system that works for our business. By implementing a call-off structure, whereby our labels are held in stock at their facility, it has allowed us to buy larger volumes and benefit from better unit prices. The speed from placing an order, to receiving the goods, is a matter of days. It has therefore given us the flexibility to react quickly to our customers’ demands. ”

Quality You Can Rely On

Testament to our dedication, excellence and high standards

A man in a factory examining custom decals.
A woman using a magnifying glass to look at a custom label.
Custom labels and decals on a blue background.

Meeting Customer’s Unique Specification

Thermal Transfer Labels

  • Large range of materials to suit your requirements
  • Supplied with an adhesive to suit the application
  • UV Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Sequential numbering
  • Barcodes and QR Codes
  • Variable information
Two high quality barcode printers on a table.

Meeting Customer’s Unique Specification

Thermal Transfer Printers

  • Toshiba Thermal Transfer Label Printers
  • Zebra Thermal Transfer Label Printers
  • Datamax Thermal Transfer Label Printers
  • TSC Thermal Transfer Label Printers
  • Intermec Thermal Transfer Label Printers
  • Citizen Thermal Transfer Label Printers
  • Carl Valentin Thermal Transfer Label Printers
Wax Ribbon

These are the softest ribbons. Suitable for short-term and light durability applications. They provide an image that resists fading better than direct thermal labels.

Resin Ribbon

These are by far the most durable and abrasion-resistance of the three ribbon formulations.  Suitable in extreme heat or cold, harsh chemicals and solvents, rough abrasives, and outdoor environments. They have a wide range of typical uses and include medical device labelling and electrical component / printed circuit board (PCB) labelling.

Wax/Resin Ribbon

Wax-resin is more durable than full wax when it comes to scratch and smear resistance. Wax-resin blends are resistant to moderate-to-harsh chemicals, as well as more extreme temperatures. Some common applications include laboratory labelling, outdoor product or UL labelling.

Wide range of colours

Are you looking for a complete solution to your labelling supply issue?

A variety of label printers on a white background, offering custom label solutions.